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 The world has faced many crises over the past two and a half years. Joyce will reflect on how our leaders have addressed these challenges and who has stepped up and who has fallen behind.

9:30 am  ~  Coffee & Pastries
10:00 - 11:00 am ~ Presentation

Misericordia Home
6300 N. Ridge Avenue, Chicago


Tickets can be purchased for $35 online here.

The Joyce Schrager Lecture
on Current Events

Reversals of Fortune:
People, Places, and Things

Thursday, October 6, 2022  

Joyce is one of Chicago’s most popular lecturers, educating people with her knowledgable and lively presentations.  
She holds degrees from University of Chicago and Northwestern.

If you’re new to Misericordia, join us for a short tour after the discussion and consider enjoying lunch at the Greenhouse Inn.  
For reservations, call 773-273-4182.